Activating Our Mission

Two years ago we launched Finley’s on a simple idea to connect people through dog treats. Since then, we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride to scale up against a mass produced industry that is evolving daily. One big question constantly stands at the forefront of why we operate – How will Finley’s elevate communities around the country?

Enter our Brand Ambassador program. This opportunity is paired with our growing retail family to create jobs in communities all over the U.S. For every 5 stores we add, we create 2 jobs. There are 15,000 retail outlets in the United States that sell pet products. Scale this to Canada, the UK, and other international markets. You do the math. Global impact.

In partnership with nonprofit agencies specialized in vocational and rehabilitation workforce training and employment, we are activating our mission with our retail partners. Businesses that want to learn more, support the people in their community, and give the gift of work to those that may not have normally had access to employment are able to. Its a win-win. We’re not stopping at pet products either.

Another example is the 2nd largest international pet food trade show in the world – Super Zoo. Finley’s will be there(Booth #1074), and we’ve partnered with our friends in Las Vegas to activate our Brand Ambassador program to engage the industry in our mission. The stores and brands you love are going to experience what makes Finley’s special. That education, awareness, and disruption to the industry is needed, and will be welcomed.

Finley’s dedicates 50% of profits to our non-profit partners supporting people with disabilities around the country.

We are on a mission to employ, elevate, and empower members of underemployed communities.