Dogfluencers: What Are They And Why We Love Them

To fully understand why a picture of a cute dog posing with said product is important, you must first understand people really love cute dogs. From there, your attention focuses on what the cute dog is saying, doing, or sniffing. In most cases, because we are biased,...

The Dogs Behind The Scenes Of Super Bowl LII

A day after Super Bowl LII culminated with a Philadelphia Eagles win(we’re impartial to this result), we look back on the amazing amount of planning and security that went into the week-long spectacle. An important team of humans and K9’s from around the country...

Looking Past The Numbers

Let’s attack the problem, not the statistic. We know 80-90% of adults with Autism and other intellectual disabilities are unemployed or underemployed. The problem is not lack of employment opportunities alone. The challenge is supporting these opportunities to be...

Finley’s Rebrand

New look, same tailwaggingly good treats, and growing mission!

Barks And Brews

We launched Bark One into the community and haven’t looked back!

‘Bark Truck’ Brings Healthy Dog Treats To The Streets

Today for our food truck segment, we're not showcasing a treat for us humans. Born from the idea that spoiling your pup shouldn't come at the expense of proper nutrition, Finley's Barkery is now bringing the healthy snacks to the streets, Kylie Bearse reports. WCCO...

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