Dogfluencers: What Are They And Why We Love Them

To fully understand why a picture of a cute dog posing with said product is important, you must first understand people really love cute dogs. From there, your attention focuses on what the cute dog is saying, doing, or sniffing. In most cases, because we are biased, we hope it’s our treats. The above picture belongs to @theminnesotamoose, a dapper and photogenic frenchie displaying all the finer things in his life!

A dogfluencer is just that, a dog(and human behind them) that influences you to engage or care about something important to them. In many ways they have built trust with their following through every day interactions on social media. It’s the culture we live in and one brands are embracing. Read more about a fantastic group of local influencers making their names known by representing the things they love most.

At Finley’s we’ve been fortunate to follow the journeys of our friends below. Take a look at their accounts, and impact they have on bringing a little extra light to your day. What makes these accounts so important to us is not the amount of followers they have, but the genuine approach they take when sharing what they care about with you. In today’s world, you can’t put a price or amount of treats on that value!

Handle: @krazyaboutkane

Handle: @pointerproblems

Handle: @mydogiscutest

Handle: @christophercline

Handle: @mississippi_golden_gurls

Handle: @gusgusinthecity

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