Where are Finley’s Treats made?

Finley’s Finest Treats are produced here in the United States. All treats are produced in a commercial kitchen outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. This allows us to tightly control our own production processes so we can ensure that our treats are always made to our stringent quality standards.


Where do you get your ingredients from?

All of our ingredients are sourced right here in the United States. We tap local and regional suppliers to provide us with the highest quality ingredients so we know exactly what is going into each treat. We take pride in supporting local businesses like our own!


My treats don’t always look the same, is this normal?

Yes, because of the natural aspects of our treats, they may slightly vary in shape, color, size and texture from bag to bag.


Once opened, how do I store my bag of Finley’s Pet Treats?

Make sure to store the bag in a cool, dark place, out of extreme heat or direct sunlight. The bag should never be placed in the refrigerator as it is a natural treat and will cause condensation and mold. We stand behind and guarantee your satisfaction of the treats, suggesting consumption within one year after the production date printed on the back of the bag.


Refunds and Returns:

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective. If you receive a defective product, please contact us immediately with details of the defect and purchase date.  We will then process a refund or exchange. Refunds will be processed using the original form of payment.


How Can I Track My Orders?

We use USPS for all domestic orders outside our region. We use SpeeDee Delivery for all regional orders. Our current shipping schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If your shipping confirmation begins with SP…you can track your orders here.


If you have any questions about us, our process, employment or volunteer opportunities we would love to connect with you.