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Our Story

Our mission focuses on elevating and empowering people from underemployed communities. Together, we can reach and support Finley’s team members around the country through supported employment utilizing their talents. Our all-natural dog treats and products were born from the idea that spoiling your pup shouldn’t come at the expense of proper nutrition. Our products are USA made and produced in Minnesota using the highest quality ingredients from local and global suppliers.

Finley's Founders

In 2016, Angie Gamades and Kyle Gallus saw a need for engagement between businesses and underemployed communities. Wanting to help, they created Finley’s Barkery, a company that employs members of underemployed communities to benefit both people and their pets through healthy all natural dog treats and pet products.

Finley's Team

In collaboration with our non-profit partners, our Brand Ambassadors engage and educate the community about our products and mission. Ambassador candidates experience the hiring process from application, interview, assessment, then training. Upon completion of these steps, qualified candidates are offered a position on Finley’s team! To learn more about requirements, please review our employment application here.

Our Impact

Products with Purpose

Every purchase elevates people with disabilities as part of our brand ambassador program.

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors engage and educate the community about our products and mission. This model allows our talented team to be the face of Finley’s!

Community Partnerships

From local rescues & national organizations, to supporting our troops and their battle buddies, Finley’s gives back to our friends in need.

Finley only approves the best local and globally sourced ingredients

Behind Finley's Favorites

Supporting Local Suppliers

We’re fortunate to partner with Sweet Harvest Foods, North Bay Trading Co. and Grain Millers Inc. to provide the highest quality human-grade ingredients for your pups.


Blueberries, bananas, apples, coconut oil – just a few of the natural superfoods found in our treats.

Limited Ingredients

We keep things simple, clean, and delicious. Your pup can enjoy Finley’s favorite ingredients such as apples & cinnamon or peanut butter & pumpkin without worrying about added fillers, colors, or chemical preservatives.