Increasing Inclusive Employment Opportunities

This article from CNN sparked many conversations with other business owners about employing adults with disabilities. Are we filling a gap, or utilizing talents to diversify and strengthen our companies? Both should be accomplished for the recent hiring trends to be celebrated. Although every person brings different talents to the table, this generalization shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“By bringing people in who think differently, you’re bringing people in who look at problems differently,” Golden said.

So what are business doing to support that?

With recent job market growth, and employers struggling to keep up with demand, its opened a door of opportunity. Businesses are focused on hiring a demographic that includes people impacted by poverty, addiction, homelessness, and disabilities to learn skills through various employment outlets that weren’t is accessible years ago.

This demographic has always been underemployed. But Americans with disabilities have posted year-over-year gains in the job market for the past 21 consecutive months, according to an analysis by the Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire.

Gains or not, we can’t sit back and assume the market will continue this trend. Given consumers demand the highest quality products at Amazon like prices, every socially driven business faces the unique challenge of when and how to pivot to compete and further their impact.

At Finley’s, what started as a small commercial kitchen operation had to evolve to compete in the global pet food industry. Thus, our Brand Ambassador program was born, and will allow us to partner with stores and larger companies across the country to engage and educate the customers they serve. This move positions Finley’s to scale beyond pet treats, and into other markets in the future. In addition to our growing retail partnerships, we continue to donate a percentage of our profits to the organizations around the country that are agents for change and supporters of Finley’s mission.

Finley’s dedicates 50% of profits to our non-profit partners supporting people with disabilities around the country.

We are on a mission to employ, elevate, and empower members of underemployed communities.