Terms of Use

Where can I buy treats?
Shop today and spread the word! We’ve partnered with Spee-Dee delivery for Regional shipping, and the USPS for all other domestic orders.

What is your hiring process?
Finley’s team is currently full at the moment. In order to become a team member, candidates experience an interview, and participate in a skills and strengths inventory to determine an appropriate position within Finley’s team. Please keep in mind, not all candidates will be able to perform the skills needed for the roles we are hiring for. Final determination for employment is at the discretion of Finley’s Barkery L.L.C Management Team.

What happens at Finley’s Barkery?
Each team member is assigned a role that fits his or her strengths. Team members work together with our staff to form a streamlined process from baking to packaging to selling in the community. Throughout the process, team members are given individualized attention to gain essential work skills. These skills promote teamwork, communication, and independence.

Do you provide transportation for employees?
We do not. Employees must have reliable transportation confirmed prior to joining Finley’s team.

Where do you get your ingredients?
Some are local: homegrown right here in Minnesota! We take pride in using the highest quality ingredients as well as supporting local businesses. All of our ingredients are manufactured in the U.S.


If you have any questions about us, our process, employment or volunteer opportunities we would love to connect with you.