What’s Up With April?

Anyone watching the news has come to terms with the 2 facts below. If you’re not watching the news, you’re a step ahead of the rest of us!

  1. Its cold and snowing everywhere. #snowmaggeddon and #snowpocalypse were trending on Twitter!
  2. The world has a lot of things to work on.

However, you can set your sights on something positive this month and help us recognize just a few of the many organizations and companies pioneering initiatives for people with autism. Naturally, as April is Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few we’ve worked with that need to be on your radar, and are changing the game for the 1 and 68 people with ASD.

Els For Autism Foundation

With 4 locations around the world and free services to the families under their wing, its important to recognize the impact this organization has made since its inception in 2009. Learn more about their work here!

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

After their son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, Doug and Laurie Flutie realized they were fortunate to have the resources to provide their son with the educational opportunities, special equipment and tools to live a happy and rewarding life. After this experience, they recognized thousands of families of children with autism struggle every day to pay for similar services. Their primary objective is to provide families with a place to turn when they are in need of support and autism resources. Check out their amazing work!

Rising Tide Car Wash

Rising Tide is a private business that has disrupted how we view labor driven enterprises supporting people with disabilities. They are one of the fastest growing and largest private employers of people with autism in the US. Learn how they’re doing it here!


Say what you want about corporate America. They’re trying. From Microsoft to SAP, organizations are embracing neurodiversity and offering opportunities to those with autism. SAP’s Autism at Work program, launched in May 2013, integrates people with autism into the workforce. They’re current goal is to employ 650 colleagues on the autism spectrum by 2020. The initiative currently includes nearly 120 colleagues filling over 20 different positions, and is active in nine countries. Bravo and check out more on their efforts here!

Finley’s dedicates 50% of profits to our non-profit partners supporting people with disabilities around the country.

We are on a mission to employ, elevate, and empower members of underemployed communities.